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Why Kli Capital

What we

invest in

Founder / People Focus and Sector Agnostic

Where do we invest

70% U.S. and Israel

30% Emerging Market (LatAm, Africa)



Average $1M

Why founders should choose us

As former operators, we know founders want investors in their corner that are willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

What founders have to say

"Working with Kli has been transformational for both me personally and for the company. Kli came on board on day zero before we had anything, and Elias immediately threw his entire weight behind us. We're not talking the standard intro here and there, but rather hours of strategy, personal connections, consultations, and a deep sense of personal dedication. I literally felt I was the only company in their portfolio, and not one of over 80. They've made us stronger, wiser, and better-positioned to build a truly iconic company that will transform the lives of billions suffering from neurological disorders. I see Kli as a true partner and ally, and hope to work with them for many long years to come."

Micha Breakstone

Co-Founder and CEO of NeuraLight

Fmr. Co-founder of (Acq. by ZoomInfo)


"Elias and the team at Kli Capital have been hands down the most helpful investors that we have had at Vitau. They have helped us since they first invested with both strategic planning and product management, and just recently they helped us raise our last investment round."

Tuto Assad

Co-Founder and CEO of Vitau

"Kli Capital has been an invaluable partner since day one. Having known the Kli team from my Sabi days, they were the first call I made and subsequently my first backer in Hippo. They are the kind of hard-working investors you want on your cap table.They are long-term partners that understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship... partners I have had the privilege of having on my journey."

Assaf Wand

Co-Founder and CEO of Hippo Insurance

Co-Founder and CEO of Wagmo

Christie Horvath

"From hiring to making connections to brand partners and influencers, Kli Capital has been one of Wagmo's most helpful and supportive investors from day one. Cannot recommend them enough!"

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